Enjoy Life

Feel Better

Grounded in Faith

You are in the right place!

Healthy food shouldn't be difficult to prepare, expensive, or taste bad!

You want to enjoy your life, but the "typical" lack of energy and body pains related to "age" are holding you back.

What if you could feel better, live well, and have many more years to enjoy life to its fullest with your family and friends?

Discover how to sleep better, move more freely, get in shape while not sacrificing what you love, grounded in faith!

Have More Energy and Less Aches

Gentle stretches, low impact movement, fun and grounding scripture will nurture your body and your soul. Feel better than you have in years without high impact, or never-ending workouts

Save Time and Money on Healthy, Delicious Meals

Overwhelmed by meal planning, recipes, and complicated ingredients? Learn simple cooking techniques that taste great, use simple ingredients, and save you money. Have a hot meal on the table in less time that fast food!

Healthy Can Be Simple

Natural solutions to wellness, making swaps to eliminate toxins and finding solutions to common health concerns can be simple.


Stress, high grocery bills, too much time sitting at a desk...

Life right now makes it hard to be healthy, especially when you don't know where to start.

I hear you! That's why I want to help you easily feed your mind, body, and soul in less time and for less money.

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be a luxury!

I'm Tresa and I want you to live better! I am an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified holistic health coach with over 600 hours of fitness training. I also am certified as a Revelation Wellness fitness instructor.

More than anything, I love to see women live the life God designed for them with delicious foods and simple fitness routines, grounded in God's love and peace.

No complicated plans to follow, no diets, no stress trying to "do the right thing." Who needs that?

What you need is support, inspiration, and resources to easily make nutritious meals and get your body moving in ways that work for you, in your busy life. Ready to get started?

A healthy lifestyle and delicious meals can be quick, easy, and save you money.

Say goodbye to dieting

No one wants to give up all the food she loves! Rigid diet plans are not sustainable, and they focus on the wrong thing: rapid weight loss.

What you really need is:
-Confidence to choose the foods your body needs

-Kitchen skills to make the food you want to eat

-Movement through out the day that is easy and feels good.

— Get the support you deserve

— Science-proven coaching method

— Never diet again, and feel better than you ever have for years to come!

Get the body you want

Wouldn't you love to just feel comfortable in your own skin instead of chasing a number on the scale?

What about actually feeling good, not just looking good?

You can stay active, flexible, and healthy well into your 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Find balance and peace

The world is a crazy place, but you are not alone. God's Love is with you always.

Catch your breath and tap into that love so that you can face everyday challenges, big or small, with peace, grace, and confidence

— Release stress naturally

— Grow in your faith

— Get grounded in His Love


People Love Us

Tresa has helped me so much! Since she has been working with me, my digestive issues are doing so much better, and I am so thankful. I have even been able to decrease my medication.
I am feeling great. I can’t say enough about Tresa, if you want to improve your health, I highly recommend her.

Jane M.

Tresa is an amazing health coach. Her meditations, one on one coaching is priceless and my health has taken an upward screen in working with her.

Brenda Parmalee

Andover NH

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